Alcohol Ink Pack #3 – Crimson, Shadow and Indigo


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This is a set of three colors – Crimson Red, Shadow Grey & Indigo Blue! Each color comes in a 20 ml leak-proof bottle. What are Alcohol Inks? Alcohol inks are highly saturated permanent inks that dry out super quickly and create beautiful patterns. These come in a pack of 3 bottles and a total of 15 colors. Use the colors individually or mix them to create beautiful new shades. What substrates work with Alcohol Inks? Alcohol inks can be used on any non-porous surface. They work the best on our YUPO paper or on any non-porous surfaces like ceramics, plastics, glass, metal etc. How do you clean up? Alcohol inks can be cleaned up with our Blending Solution or Iso Propyl Alcohol. To dilute the inks, reduce the intensity of the color or increase the fluidity and work time use blending solution with the inks. What can you create with these inks? Create beautiful abstracts, upcycle your boring planters into something interesting, create decorative ceramics, create resin petris and many more!

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